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Physical Education

October 24, 2017

Dear Parents, 
We are excited that students have the opportunity to have high-quality, standards-based Physical Education led by our teachers, Mr. Niccolich and Ms. Borges. Students are able to receive additional gym periods toward meeting the New York State requirements. This fitness-based program teaches our students to be physically active, work as a team, and set fitness goals that can last a lifetime.

We are pleased to announce that our school will be offering families the opportunity to purchase physical education sportswear with our school’s PE logo. The school has set up an online store, where families can purchase t-shirts, shorts and gym bags. The purchase of these items is optional. If you choose not to order PE sportswear at this time, please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes for the days s/he has P.E. class. Athletic clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatpants/shorts, leggings, yoga pants are examples of clothes that are acceptable to wear during P.E. Thank you for helping support your child in dressing appropriately for P.E. In addition all students must wear comfortable athletic shoes (sneakers) that provide foot and/or ankle support. Boots/sandals/flip flops are not appropriate and student will be asked to do an alternative activity for the period.
At all grade levels we emphasize sportsmanship, team spirit, accepting personal responsibility, setting and meeting personal goals for fitness, collaboration and cooperation among all students.  

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our Parent Coordinator, Laura Hui at

Principal K. Kelly

December 17
Grade Unit/Focus Student Goals
k Movement Through Song  

Children will continue exercising through song. They will learn the Alley Cat.

Children will exercise through locomotor games. They will learn the Animal Game.

1 Throwing  

Children will be able to throw underhand at different target levels (low, medium, high).

Children will be able to throw overhand at different target levels (low, medium, high).

2 Tennis  

Children will be able to strike/rally the ball against the wall/partner consecutive times.

Children will take turns and work with partners.

3 Hockey  

Children will be able to play modified games.

Children will learn to apply skills and rules to modified games.

4 Fitnessgram  

Children will take the Pacer and Curl-ups.

Children will be able to monitor Pacer for other students.

5 Fitnessgram  

Children will take the Pacer and Curl-ups.

Children will be able to monitor Pacer for other students.



Looking for sports opportunity for kids in the neighborhood? Do you know about the Forest Hills Youth Activities Association (FHYAA)? They are located at 66-01 Fleet Street, Forest Hills, NY11375. (Website: