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Public School 174 Lineup

The morning arrival areas are as follows: (subject to change)

All visitors are to leave by the main entrance only.
All baby strollers are to be parked at the main entrance/lobby.
No pets in the school.


Lineup is in the cafeteria. Students enter on Dieterle Crescent near the school yard. School aides & paraprofessionals direct students to the Cafeteria where they sit by class. Students are met by their teachers at 8:40am.

Grades 1 & 2 - Cafeteria door on Dieterle Crescent

Grades 3, 4 & 5- Large School Yard

In inclement (rain, snow) weather only - lineup will be indoors as follows--- Please bring your child on these days to the open door on Dieterle Crescent near the school yard.

This open door leads all the students directly into these indoor areas--

Kindergarten - Cafeteria

Grades 1, 2 - Gym

Grade 3, 4 & 5- Auditorium

Note: If your child is late, (arrive after 8:20 am) with entry at the front main door, a late pass will be given to your child to give to the teacher. This will be noted in the daily attendance. The school day begins at 8:20am. Also important to know, is that families of both late and absent children will receive an automatic phone call from the Department of Education.

Dismissal areas

Pre K and Transportable Kindergarten--Dismissal is at the enclosed portables area (Large School yard )

Indoor K Classes - Dismissal is in the Small School Yard- gym area ( Ellwell Crescent)

Grades 1 & 2 - Dismissed in the Small School Yard (Ellwell Crescent) area.

Grade 3 - Dismissed at Exit by Dieterle Crescent/65th (near flagpole)

Grade 4 - Dismissed at Exit in back of school on Ellwell and 65th Drive

Grade 5 - Dismissed at Exit by Dieterle Crescent (exit near Large School Yard/Park)

It is critical that all students are picked up on time each day. Students will be released only to children who are listed on the blue emergency card.

Note: If you are late in picking up your child at the school, your teacher will bring your child to the late room. Know that this is for occasional use only. Kindly arrange for daily, on time pick up. We are unable to provide supervision beyond 2:45. Here you will have to provide photo id and sign your child out.



If your child is absent, it is not necessary to call the school.

Upon return to school, please write a note to the teacher with the dates and the reason for the absence. (Example: My child was home sick on Oct 1, 2, 3 due to a cold and fever.) We need this note for our records.

Special note: Lateness and absence affects promotion.


Attendance Policy

Daily attendance is essential to full participation in all learning experiences as well as in establishing a work ethic that will benefit students at higher levels of education and future employment.

The New York State Department of Education has set a standard of 90% attendance for promotion to the next grade level. Parent(s)/guardians will be notified of absence from school via our automated calling system; therefore, it is important for student biographical information to be updated and correct. Our school attendance plan also provides for the effective implementation of attendance outreach, follow-up and support services if the 90% attendance standard is not being met.

Excused Absence:

Any child who is absent from school must present a written excuse signed by the parent or guardian immediately upon his/her return to school. The note must clearly indicate the reason for absence.

The school will classify an absence as "excused" for one of the following reasons only:

  • Sickness of child
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Religious observation

Any absence that can be anticipated beforehand should be brought to the attention of the teacher well in advance of the absence.

A doctor's note is requested for any absence that exceeds three consecutive days.

Students who are absent in excess of ten days from any school year may be considered for holdover. Special consideration will be given to those students who are seriously ill.

Classroom celebrations:

Please write a note to the teacher with a requested date to schedule class treats for all children. Individual portion sized, cupcakes, cookies, juice boxes or water. Parents, please drop off treats at the Security Desk and the classroom teacher will schedule in the snack. In lieu of treats, consider a book donation to the class for the special occasion, topic or holiday.

Unexcused or Unlawful Absences:

All absences for reasons other than those cited above will be considered as "unexcused." All "unexcused" absences for students under the age of seventeen are also recorded as "unlawful."

Tardiness and Early Dismissal:

Whenever students arrive late or depart prior to the end of the school day, parents must present the school with a written note or sign the student in or out at the office.

These incidents are recorded as "excused" or "unexcused" applying the same criteria as those for full-day absences.

replaces the following:


If your child is absent, it is not necessary to call the school.

Upon return to school, please write a note to the teacher with the dates and the reason for the absence. (Example: My child was home sick on Oct 1, 2, 3 due to a cold and fever.) We need this note for our records.

Special note: Lateness and absence affects promotion.


Lunch Recess- Outdoor Gym and Recess Periods

School will have students take time outdoors whenever possible…. with student safety and school security as priority. “We’ll bundle up and take a walk…..”

Some considerations for limiting outdoor activities during seemingly mild temperatures may include, but not limited to: wet conditions on equipment and pavement, puddles, icy conditions, wind speed, leaf accumulation on the grounds/walkways, School and/or park construction, landscaping/tree trimming, deliveries, the number of adults for supervision.

Multiple sources are used to make a determination for indoor/outdoor Gym periods and recess periods, including: visual inspection of area, temperature, wind chill factor.

Administration may consult with Parent Coordinator, Custodian, and/or School Aides, with information from:


Guidelines for Outdoor Play in Cold Weather All schools

Many years ago, schools were advised to keep children inside when the temperature is below 32 degrees. In 2004, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reviewed this policy and recommended that a combination of factors should be used to determine whether outdoor play is advisable.

Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. You should use your judgment in determining whether conditions are satisfactory for outside play in cold weather, based on the temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and other factors.

For example, outside play on a sunny, windless day when the temperature is below 32 degrees can be suitable as long as children are appropriately dressed.

Note that occasionally, children with asthma may experience increased symptoms when playing in cold weather (however, exercise-related asthma may occur at any temperature and can usually be prevented by pre-treatment).

Physical Activity Precautions in High Temperatures All schools

Children are at risk for heat-related illness and may have lower exercise tolerance when the outdoor temperature is above 95ºF.

Exercise intolerance may occur with temperatures less than 95ºF if there is also high humidity. In order to minimize risk of heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke, intensity of outdoor activities lasting more than 15 minutes should be reduced during days when the ambient temperature is in the 90’s and humidity is high. Students should have easy access to water and be encouraged to drink often. Clothing should be light-colored and lightweight.

Please pay special attention to children who may be more susceptible to heat intolerance, including those who are obese, may have diabetes, or are suffering from a gastrointestinal illness.

Toys and Equipment

Toys such as (but not limited to) action as action figures, dolls and stuffed pets are not to be brought to school. These items interfere with the order of the instructional day.

Our PA is very generous and has purchased play equipment accessible to all students at appropriate times during outdoor recess. Because personal equipment may put limits on the play of others and exclude children from games, it is to be avoided.

Students will be asked to place any items brought from home into their backpacks as a first offense. Any repeat offenses may result in further disciplinary action, including parent contact, loss of recess privileges, or guidance conference. Remember, we never want to exclude any children from play, but everyone must follow the rules.

Half Day


- Students who are served hot lunch may have lunch in school. Students picked up for lunch beginning as early as 9:30. If your child has cold lunch, they may also have their lunch in the cafeteria. Know that they too will be eating very early in the day in order to accommodate the six different grades. Please explain the change to the schedule to your child and send a note to the teacher if you want your child to eat hot or cold lunch.


- Half days dismissal is 11:50. Buses begin to leave the school at 12:00. There is busing for students with alternate times. For example, if the bus usually comes at 3:25, know that it will likely get to the stop at 12:25.


Student Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices Policy September 2017

The Chancellor’s Regulation A-413 permits school-based policies on the use of electronic devices by students

In order to ensure a safe environment, enabling communications between children and their families before and after school, cell phones may be brought to school. Cell phones are to be turned off, and not to be used during the school day (unless directed by the principal.) This includes (but not limited to) locations such as outdoor lineup, cafeteria, classrooms, bathrooms, gym, hallways, stairwells, and play yards; as well as during meal service (breakfast and lunch), after school programs, fieldtrips and on all school buses.

During Test Administration

During test administration, students are not permitted to bring cell phones. In 2012, the New York State Education Department established a policy prohibiting cell phones and other electronic devices. On assessment days, students will be asked to turn over any electronic device at the start of the school day. Administration will collect, label and store said items until the end of the day. If any student is found to be in possession of these electronics devices, after this collection, their tests may be invalidated.


If a student uses an electronic device in violation of school policy, or in a manner that causes disruption to classroom instruction or school activities or programs, staff should direct the student to comply with school rules, and notify administration. Levels of response may include – directive to put the device away, if seen and not used; to confiscation of the device and returned at the end of the day; to confiscation of the device to be picked up by parent..

Safety Considerations

There remains a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of bullying as described in the Discipline Code and Chancellor’s Regulations. Students who use their electronic devices to bully others will be disciplined in accordance with the Discipline Code. Responsible use of technology is expected. The Discipline Code describes a number of infractions that may address inappropriate use of electronic devices. Any misuse of electronics devices, whether during school hours or not, or whether on school grounds or not, that causes a substantial disruption at school may be subject to disciplinary procedures. For the full regulations, please see CR A-413. Students are also prohibited from taking unauthorized photos and audio/video recordings of others (Code Infraction A21).