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What’s Happening in STEM

October/November 2017

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific areas:
1) Science
2) Technology
3) Engineering and
4) Mathematics.

Instead of teaching these four areas of learning as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into one cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. If you are a student that enjoys discovering new things, solving problems, learning how things work, applying creative thinking, designing plans, building structures then you already have some of the main qualities of a STEM a STEM learner.

At P.S. 174, William Sidney Mount the students are provided with the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in the ever growing and changing world of STEM. Some areas include:

- Lego robotics
- Introduction to principles of flight
- Coding (video game creation & animations)
- 3-D printing
- Designing architectural structures
- Graphing
- Using sensors to collect and analyze data
- Model rocket design
- Utilizing simple machines
- Creating electrical circuits
And much more…….


October 2017
Grade Student Goals

Students will:

• Conduct investigations to test if different types of mater can exist as both a solid and a liquid

• Identify that temperature is the key to solids and liquids changing states


Students will:

• Collect evidence that vibrating objects create sound and that sound can make objects vibrate

• Discover that sound travels in waves that are invisible to our eyes and that sound requires some form of matter to travel through


Students will:

• Identify the internal structure of solids, liquids and gases that allows them to behave as such

• Design a model of the structures of solids, liquids and gases

• Classify and describe different types of matter based on their properties

Stem 2nd grade

Students will:

• Investigate the relationship between balanced objects and unbalanced objects

• Draw conclusions on the importance of balance

• Discover that forces like friction and gravity play a role on balance

• Locate the center of gravity within objects

Stem 3rd

Students will:

• Examine the relationship between the speed of an object to the energy that that object holds

• Develop an understanding between kinetic energy and potential energy

• Determine that energy can be transferred from one object to another • Gain an understanding of Newtons Laws of Motion


Students will:

• Conduct investigations that help them understand that matter is made of small particles that they cannot always view

• Identify that air pressure/gas can be used as a force/propellant using rocket designs

• Identify that solid matter that is seen and held can be dissolved into smaller pieces of matter that are no longer viewable with the eye

5th Grade