student council

In addition to the Community Grants we have selected through the Penny Harvest Roundtable, we have completed the following service grants:
September - 3rd graders participated in the "Great Bedtime Story" --Pajama/ Book Drive.  Students dressed in PJs and brought in their favorite bedtime stories to highlight the importance of reading.  They were able to collect 100 PJs and 100 books.
October – Kindergarten & 6th grade students held their annual sponsored walk for the March of Dimes.  They raised not just awareness of SDS, but also the amount of $1652.
November – School-wide Penny Harvest Drive – this is an ongoing collection.  In addition to the pennies we “harvested” in November, we currently have 3 full gallon jars of coins.
December – 5th grade students collected food for City Harvest.  They collected several boxes of non-perishable groceries.
January – 1st graders took part in a Math-a-Thon for St. Jude's Research.  In addition to collecting money for the organization, the students honed their math skills by playing math games and participating in classroom competitions.
February – Student Council promoted “Daffodil Days” for the American Cancer Society.  In March, student council members delivered the Daffodils to the delight of awaiting students.
March – 2nd grade organized a fund-raising drive for the American Red Cross in response to the Tornado victims around the country.
March - 4th graders collected school supplies to “Build Backpacks" for the organization World Vision.
April – in response to requests from the student body, student council did a collection drive for pet supplies.  These supplies will be donated to a local animal shelter, “Bobbie and the Strays”.

Other Student Council activities:
In response to the issue of homelessness and illiteracy, Student Council members gave up their lunch periods for two weeks to promote the awareness of homelessness and illiteracy. Student Council members visited every classroom (K-3rd) and read picture book stories related to the power of reading and writing. These read-alouds were so well received by both the classroom teachers and students that they have been asked to come back in the future to read to the younger students again.

With the organization “Fuel Up to Play 60” (sponsored by the NFL) the Student Council promoted healthy eating and fitness education throughout the school.  Over a three week period, students in grades K-5 were given pedometers to keep track of the amount of steps they took every day, together with a log to list their diets.  In addition, the Student Council made up a game called “What's My Food?” where clues were posted outside the lunch room hinting at the benefits of eating certain foods.