Summer Writing


Dear Parents,

A magnificent school year is coming to a close and the summer is upon us. Research shows us that children who continue reading and writing through the summer build their literacy skills and come back stronger and better equipped for the following school year.

Each child in grades 2, 3, and 4 has a notebook to be used for reading and writing. These notebooks were started with their teachers during the end of school….either this year or in the past. Each child has a number of entries in their writer’s notebook and a number of entries in their reading log. This will help you and your child know exactly how to continue this work throughout the summer.

Here is what you should be looking for:

The Writer’s Notebook
In the front of your child’s notebook is a note from their teacher and a list entitled “Where We Get Ideas for Writing” which can be used as a guide for writing entries.

sun Children are expected to complete between 10 and 20 entries according to their grade level and writing ability
sun Summer entries are entries that are done after the school year is over.
sun Each Entry should be dated.
sun Notebooks need to come back to school on the First Day – Monday, September 9th.
Children will be using their notebooks to publish a piece of writing in their new class during the first few weeks of school. We will be having writing celebrations throughout the school.

The Reading Log
Starting in the back of the notebook, your child has started a “reading log”.

sun Your child should be reading each day during the summer.
sun Reading should be followed by an entry. This should include the date, title, pages read, and possibly some type of writing response; refer to —-Questions for Reading Journals-”

Your child’s teacher will be looking at the reading log on the first day of school in September.
Please assist your child in getting books. Without the use of our classroom and school libraries, some children may need to visit the library or bookstore to have an adequate supply of books to read.

Please encourage your child to write and read over the summer. If you travel, take the notebook with you and set aside time for your child to read and write. Please send a postcard to me over the summer! We look forward to our September display of postcards on the main bulletin board.

The entire staff of PS 174 wishes you a wonderful summer, filled with good times, reading and writing!


5th grade

To our Rising Fifth Graders!

Happy Writing!

We have experienced living the life of a writer each day of school.

This should be continued throughout the summer. During the summer, your 5th grade teacher will be expecting you to keep a writers notebook and use the strategies and skills that you have learned. When you arrive in your new class, your teacher will view your notebook to learn about the kind of writer you have become.

Be sure to include:

- 15—20 summer entries, dated at the top of each page. Each entry should be a full page and can be written in any genre (book review, memoir, non-fiction, poems, fiction stories, etc.)

- You will use this notebook the first week to publish your first 5th grade piece.

- You and new class will celebrate your first pieces together.

Have a Wonderful Summer & Happy Writing!


4th grade

To our rising fourth graders

Happy Writing!

We have experienced living the life of a writer each day of school.

This is to be continued over the summer. This summer, your teachers are expecting you to keep a writer’s notebook and use the strategies and skills that you have learned in 3rd grade. When you arrive in 4th your teacher will look at your notebook to learn about the kind of writer you are.

Make sure you have:

- At least 12 entries, each entry should have a date on the top of the page

- Each entry should be one FULL page

- Your entries can be: personal narrative, fiction, non-fiction, essay, poem, article, etc.

- You will use your notebook to publish your 1st piece and celebrate with your new class the first week of school. When you are not sure what to write, check your list of “Where we get ideas for writing.

Happy Writing!


This summer, you will be responsible for keeping a writers notebook. Your third grade teachers are collecting notebooks in September and to be ready, here are some ways to get started:

Use pictures, photographs to decorate your notebook.

Use the chart “List of Entries” and “Topics” to help you with your writing when you are unsure of what to write.

Write 2 times every week to make sure you have at least 16 summer entries when you come back to school in September! Please put the date on the top of each entry

Happy Writing!!!!

For the Reading Log, be sure to include:
Book Titles
The Date A short response —
Reading and writing is like breathing, eating, and sleeping. We need to do this every day.
Each time you read should be at least 30 minutes!