Bus Stops to and from

Public School 174

School Year 2016-2017
The following are the current bus stops servicing
students of Public School 174 and may be subject to change.

This is for information purposes only and does not
assure transportation eligibility of individual children.

63rd Avenue and 102nd Street
64th Road and Saunders Street
67th Avenue and Clyde Street
67th Avenue and Yellowstone Boulevard
67th Road and Booth Street
69th Avenue and Exeter Street
71st Avenue and Loubet Street
83rd Avenue and 141st Street
86th Avenue and 148th Street
90th Avenue and 139th Street
97th Street and 67th Drive
99th Street and 64th Avenue
99th Street and 66th Road
110th Street and 64th Avenue
111th Avenue and 143rd Street
112th Street and 75th Avenue
143rd Street and 85th Road
Alderton Street and 63rd Avenue
Alderton Street and 68th Road
Ascan Avenue and Austin Street
Austin Street and 67th Avenue
Booth Street and 67th Drive
Lefferts Blvd. and Austin Street
Manse Street and 68th Avenue
Metropolitan Avenue and 69th Road
Metropolitan Avenue and Park Lane South
Union Turnpike and Grenfell Street
Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard
Yellowstone Blvd. and Gerard Place

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