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Math Olympiads Meritorus Schools Recognitions 2017

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Ps 174 Chess Champ!

Our student, Dan V. was selected for a very competative Chess Camp and participated in numerorous chess tournaments and reached top three in most of them. At the American Learning Center City Chess Tournament on Aug 23, 2014 where he won a first place.

carnegie hall

Come to Play/Cabaniss * simple Gifts/Traditional
To Make Words Sing/Cabaniss
Ode to Joy/Beethoven
New World Symphony/Dvorak
Violin Concerto 1st Movement/Mendelssohn
Bought Me a Cat/ Cabaniss
Firebird Suite Finale/Stravinsky

Thank you to TARGET  Arts Field trip grant for providing this experience for our students. Our participating teachers are Ms. Desvigne, Performing Arts teacher, Mrs. Alperstein, Mrs. Amato, and Mrs. Russell.



This Challenge was coordinated by the Rego Park Green Alliance with event for students to share what they know during a presentation and live design challenge. The community was invited to learn about an amazing new technology with the youth as their guide.

We have two MakerBot 3-D printers in our school - received from two Donors Choose grants this Fall. In order to prepare, our students have been attending voluntary instructional groups before school three days per week over the past few months.

Thank you to our sponsor, Gunral Mobil Service Station, 6401 Woodhaven Boulevard, Rego Park. This program was made possible by the 2013 Educational Alliance Math & Science Grant. Exxon Mobil has a long history of supporting educational programs that focus on Math and Science, encouraging the next generation to pursue studies and careers in fields involving math and science.!3d-designprinting-challenge/c12im


SIFMA Foundation InvestWrite National Essay Competition



Daniela M. -- 5th Grade Student, PS 174 William Sidney M



Our students wrote:

This was our visit to The Museum of Tolerance NY to videoconference with author Henry Cole who wrote Unspoken. The book is about the courage of a young girl who helps a slave using the Underground Railroad to escape to freedom. The book has no words, only pictures. The reader creates the narrative using the detailed illustrations by Cole.

We completed our project/presentation with our principal, Mrs. Kelly. We were able to show the books and tell our interpretation to the author while participating with classes from both New York City and California. Please see our reflections in our thank you letters below.


The Museum of Tolerance
226 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

January 28, 2014

Dear Mrs. Poor and Mr. Cole:

Thank you very much for our trip to the Museum of Tolerance.  We all had lots of fun while videoconferencing with you. I also had lots of fun making the presentation for the book “Unspoken.”  I liked all the parts of the trip from the security guard to the song “Call me Whatever.”  I would love to go back to the Museum someday.  My favorite part of the trip was the video conference because it was funny, interesting and exciting.  I remember when someone sneezed in New York and they said “Bless You” all the way from California.  Thank you very much.


Museum of Tolerance
226 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

January 28, 2014

Dear Mrs. Poor and Mr. Cole:

Thank you very much for the trip to the Museum of Tolerance! I enjoyed asking Henry Cole questions and answering his.  We were joined by two other schools in the museum and another school in California.  I really enjoyed Henry Coles’ book because of the absence of words.  I hope Henry Cole makes another wordless book on either the American Revolution or Unspoken from the slaves’ point of view.  If so, I would be really grateful if we video-conferenced on that book too.  So altogether we all enjoyed the videoconference at the Museum of Tolerance!  

Alex G.

We look forward to entering the Second Annual STEM Matters NYC Elementary Science Expo on Friday, June 13, from 3-7 p.m. at the Armory on the Hudson. We will look forward to selecting projects exemplifying student interest, curiosity, and a desire to explore the mysteries of the world in one of three categories – Observational Studies, Scientific Investigation, and Engineering Design.

Museum of Tolerance New York (MOTNY)
226 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Dear Museum of Tolerance New York (MOTNY):

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip today.  It was an exciting experience for me to videoconference/Skype with the author of a book I had recently read.  Also, imagining what different characters would say throughout the story was fun and creative.  During the videoconference we discussed some key points which contributed to my understanding of the book.  These included what inspired the author to draw a “wordless” story, why and how Mr. Cole chose the title, and how he came up with his characters in the book. Thank you for making this event possible.

Christopher Du

Celebrating Grand Central 100! with Dancing Classrooms

Ms. Meghan's PS 174Q class, a Dancing Classroom's residency performed at the 100th Anniversary of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

For more news about Dancing Classrooms click here


Debate Club

The PS 174 Young Debaters Program has been meeting three times each week since September. The children participated in a mock trial at CUNY School of Law on Saturday, December, 14, 2013 for their culminating activity. Thank you to our teachers, Mrs. Alperstein and Mrs. Russell, and to all of our generous sponsors on Donors Choose ( for making this program possible.

The Young Debaters Program is designed by Richard Celestin, Esquire with the purpose of teaching young people skills in literacy and public speaking. We know that it also helps building self-confidence. Students had the opportunity to present their legal arguments for a timed period, followed by questions posed by a panel of three judges. The students were scored based on knowledge of the law, ability to think and react critically to challenging questions, along with the various dynamics that encompass successful public speaking, including but not limited to eye contact and posture. All participants received a certificate of achievement for successful completion of the program; three of our top debaters received an engraved trophy.

We are thankful to have this early morning program that is providing our students with the tools to reach both their personal and professional goals, now and in the future.


Timothy Go and Ethan Machleder look pretty much exactly how you’d want your portfolio manager to look – nicely pressed suits, confident demeanor, money-making smiles. They’re smart, well-informed and ready to turn that 401(k) of yours into a 601(k). Only one problem: They’ll probably need you to give them a ride to the office for about the next 8 years, until they’re old enough to drive.

Machleder and Go, who live in Forest Hills, Queens, were the winners of the most recent SIFMA Stock Market Game in the New York region, turning $100,000 into $152,000 in just one year, investing in a mixed portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Not too shabby.

Their strategy?

“Our strategy was just to make as much money as possible,” says Machleder.

It worked. After an initial investment in Dell (the only stock the two boys, then in 4rd grade, could name), Go and Machleder ditched that stock in favor of its higher-profile competitor, Apple. That investment, which they bought back when the iPad maker traded around $300/share, had them climbing the rankings of the stock market game, eventually taking the boys from last place all the way to the top.

“Macy’s was also doing really well,” says Go. “By the time it ended, Macy’s and Apple were our best stocks.”

The pair used Google Finance and watched the news – CNBC, MSNBC and Squawkbox were their favorites – to track their investments, which also included bonds and mutual funds from Goldman Sachs and Vanguard. They thought about asking Go’s father for investment advice, but after learning that he had finished in last place in the stock market game during his school years, they thought better.

In the end, Go and Machleder rode their portfolio to $152,000 and a great story to tell for years to come. The only problem? Says Go with chagrin, “It wasn’t real money.”

Excerpt from the article access on the World Wide Web: May 13, 2013;

An interview of the winners can be accessed at: