November 17



Reading Goals

Reading Benchmarks


Nonfiction Readers Learn About the World

• We will learn text-previewing strategies and how to “read” illustrations/pictures.

• We learn how to activate prior knowledge about a topic and share and question new facts, reacting with opinions to what we read.

• We will read informational texts with fluency , phrasing and intonations, with the voice of a teacher or narrator of a documentary, emphasizing the big ideas or main topics.

• We will analyze parts of books and understand how they relate to each other.

• We will learn to compare and contrast more than one book on the topic, working both independently and in book clubs.


Continuing Small Moments

• Writing with stamina and independence

• Generating ideas and planning stories • Writing across three pages

• Revising & editing our work

• Using appropriate punctuation and spelling (Editing)

• Rereading writing to revise (adding more and/or taking)

• Writing with growing stamina, engagement, and volume

• Transferring skills and strategies learned in Word Study


• We learn the structure and craft of procedural writing, using words and pictures to teach others.

• We choose topics that are interesting and important to us. • We dramatize and talk through our activities with partners.

• We plan and draft steps and directions that are clear and easy to follow.

• We revise and make our How-To texts even better.


• Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

• Add and subtract with 20.

• Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.


Curriculum Conference

Mrs. Bernstein, Ms. DeLeon, Ms. Eisenberg, Mrs. Ickowics, Mrs. Sonnenberg

The following is a basic overview of our first grade curriculum. Each area will involve children working individually and in groups. Many exciting projects and class trips are being planned. We will be working with Performance Tasks and following the Common Core State Standards in Literacy and Math.

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The aim of the first grade is to learn reading skills and vocabulary, and build a background for comprehension, thinking, analyzing, and predicting..

Reading Workshops/Writing Workshops – individual conferencing

  • Grammar and Writing Mechanics
  • Phonics/Word Attack Skills
  • Library lessons
  • Poetry appreciation
  • Book sharing/Read alouds/Guided Reading
  • Writers’ Workshop
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Leveled “Just-Right” Books


Go Math!

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Addition and Subtraction relationships
  • Count and model numbers
  • Compare numbers
  • Two-digit addition and subtraction
  • Measurement
  • Represent data
  • Three-dimensional geometry
  • Two-dimensional geometry


  • Thematic/seasonal project
  • Connect to literature


Trips are in the planning process. You will receive further notification.


Health and Safety

  • Good nutrition/health
  • Bus safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Safety in school, home and community
  • Snack time – healthy snacks

Social Studies

  • Current Events
  • Map and globe skills
  • Cultural backgrounds and diversity
  • Communities around the world
  • People of the world- economic, social and political aspects of families, neighborhoods, and nations
  • American government and history
  • American government and history
  • Families


  • Animals
  • Environments for living things
  • Solids, liquids, and gas
  • Heat, light, and sound
  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • Objects in the sky


  • Math Enrichment - Ms. Mammes
  • Computers - Mr. Bebenroth
  • Enrichment – Mrs. Hammer
  • Gym - Mr. Niccolich
  • Library - Ms. Gruber
  • Music- Ms. Desvigne
  • Art- Ms. Cooper


Trips are in the planning process. You will receive further notification.