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The mission of Public School 174 is to build a community of diverse learners through varied educational experiences. Our students are taught to their greatest potential through a rigorous academic and enrichment program. By recognizing and embracing the diverse cultures, nationalities and backgrounds represented in our school, students realize the importance of mutual respect and understanding. Civic responsibility is developed through service projects that reach out to others, building up both students and the community. Parent involvement is a vital part of the school. It complements and supports the professional teaching children receive.


• Making thinking visible by using feedback, questions, and prompts
• Assuring basic skills with automaticity and filling in gaps
• Support thinking by explaining and citing evidence


• Establish the school as the center of the community;  a place for families to become involved in education.
• Ensure knowledge of students and their work, for teachers to use  for cohesive planning as well as differentiation.
• Develop a culture of collaboration of professional learning with cohesion, choice and purpose; restoring dignity and respect to the profession.
• Design effective communication tools and events to increase parent engagement.




The Parent Association of PS 174 raised approximately $35,000 raised last year for school programs and special events. The funds supported: assemblies, debate team, basketball team, school residencies, after-school programs, class trips, a/c units, ballroom dancing, halloween party, movie/raffle night, field day, teacher appreciation luncheon, computer programs, flutes for 3rd & 4th grades, art program supplies, school phone systems, recess equipment, class planners, teacher classroom stipends, classroom book donations, water for kindergarten & nurse’s office, pumpkin patch for kindergarten & prek, butterflies for kindergarten & prek, supplies for the kindergarten.