November 17
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Reading Goals
Reading Benchmarks

• Students will be able to read non- fiction to become smarter about things in our world.

• Students will be able to gather information and grow ideas from reading non – fiction.

• Students will be able to see more than text on the pages.

• Students will be able to tackle tricky words in our books.


Writing: Non - Fiction

• Students will be able to write Organize information to communicate facts – ideas.

• Students will be able to elaborate in our writing “Who, what, where, when, why, how”

• Students will be able to try new text structures.



• Students will be able to represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction within 20.

• Students will be able to work with in equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication.

• Students will be able to use place value understanding of operations to add and subtract.


Curriculum 17-18


Teachers: Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Hammer, Ms. Messano, Ms. Zidel, Mrs. Cohen

There are rigorous instructional expectations for 2nd grade. We work cohesively to support all students in meeting the Common Core Learning Standards, preparing them with skills necessary for college and career readiness.
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Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Program

2nd graders will be reading and writing, and responding to literary and informational texts. Literacy Common Core Standards include reading literature, reading informational texts, foundational (phonics), writing, speaking and listening, and language standards. In class and at home students will be using books, periodicals, and technology to support their Common Core Learning.

Reading Expectations:

  • Reading trade books on their “just right” level Just right books are books children can read fluently with 96% accuracy and comprehend on their own. In order for your child to be meeting standards, they must be reading a level 6 (J) in November, level 7 (L) in March, and level 8 (M) in June.
  • Conferences with teacher and their peers
  • Comprehension skills
  • Good reading habits • Read alouds expose children to great literature
  • Develop a love of reading

Writing Expectations:

  • Mentor texts, trade books
  • Writing is produced by the teachers and the children
  • Children will be immersed in different units of study, such as poetry, small moment personal narratives, realistic fiction, fairy tales, all-abouts/informational, authors as mentors
  • Children will learn editing and revising skills
  • Children will publish and participate in writing celebrations

Language Arts and Spelling

  • New spelling words are assigned weekly
  • Spelling tests are given each Friday
  • Phonics instruction using special spelling/sound combinations
  • Grammar program – Simple Solutions – teaches parts of speech, punctuation, plurals, possessives, etc.


Go Math by Houghton Mifflin

Go Math is designed to fully facilitate conceptual development, as students work from introduction to mastery of each content standard listed in the Common Core.

The 4 critical areas of Common Core Standards are:

1. Focus on base ten understanding

2. Fluency with addition and subtraction

3. Using standard units of measure

4. Describing and analyzing shapes.

• Children will work independently and in cooperative groups through a variety of math games and hands–on activities.

• We will also be reinforcing concepts and skills learned in class with Simple Solutions for Math


Harcourt Science Textbook, trade books, literature, class periodicals, non-fiction books

• Children will learn about science tools, the Earth’s surface, natural resources, motion, living and nonliving things, plants, and weather

Social Studies

New York City Textbook, weekly periodicals, and trade books

• Children will learn about community life, social needs, history of NYC, citizen participation, map and globe skills, NYC and the five boroughs, current events, and holidays. Each child may periodically be asked to report on a current events item from the newspaper.

***Birthdays – Parents should give teachers one week’s notice if their child will be celebrating their birthday in school. Invitations to private birthday parties cannot be given out in school. Please drop off items at the security desk. We will celebrate during the day with our class.